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You think you know.... But you have NO idea.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 May 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | blank ]

so im done with this livejournal thing. i dont feel the need to write in here anymore, i dunno, well peace out!!!!

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[05 May 2005|05:27pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Thanx to everyone who called me to see how i was and tell me to feel better. i looove my friends.

i think i will go back to sleep.


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[24 Apr 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Sooooo how was everyones weekend?? ..... yeah mine was Great.
i went cosmic bowling with T-Boo and Pitts on friday.. i finally realized how much i acctually suck at bowling... oh well no big deal.

yesterday i went to the mall with sierra chelsea and jasmine.... we went to get chelsea some shoes for prom but the only one who ended up getting something was me. i got some long black gloves for prom. oooo i cant wait!!.... so we were eating at Olgas right??? there was a lady bug in my god damn salad!!!!! wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was pissed... didnt have to pay for it though. i wasnt planning on it anyways.

so yeah when i got home from the mall liz came and got me and we went to get her breadsticks then went back to her house for awhile. then some fellas came over and we chilled with them and what not. didnt end up comin back to liz's house till like 4:30 in the morning, and went to sleep at like 5.... so im like waay tired right now. but last night was alot of fun.

so i get home today and im doing laundry.... and im sittin downstairs and i can hear water dripping... like alot of water... so i get up and the hose that pumps the water out came off of the wall .. yeah so water was spilling out EVERYWHERE... ugh and it leaked into the downstairs and everything .... peice of shit.

okay so this snow is some BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! i get depressed when i look out the window. i hate wearing like pants and swearshirts, especially at the end of April!

well im outta here.


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[18 Apr 2005|07:14pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

ugh.. i have had the worst headache since like 5th hour today.... and medicine and a hott shower just didnt seem to help. i just feel like sleeping.. but its 7:15 a little to early to call it a night.

went to the mall with liz and matt today, she had to get some clothes for her senior pictures or somthin. but we both got some cute P.Js from old navy and some tank tops to match. and i got some new underwear.. cute. I think if i had an anti-drug it would be bourben chicken from that chinese express place or w.e from the mall... mmm its sooo good.

i think this week is going to go by very very very slow for some reason... but im lovin the weather.

my mom is makin me work for her for 10$ an hour becuz i dont have any money to pay my phone bill... yeah thats some bullshit... i meen how many people out there do you know that pay their own phone bill?? yeah not to many. ugh and its not like she cant afford it, i could understand if i had a job, but no. im lookin for one though... i hate not havin money of my own.

i guess i will go lay down or something.


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[16 Apr 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

so i wish i wasnt sitting at home right now but its cool ya know when people just dont call you and you wait around at home forever. Hopefully chelsea and sierra will save me and i can hang out with them like i was originally supposed to... but yeah most of this is thanx to my broke ass phone. yeah i sat on it and it uh broke in half so i dont have a screen so i cant see to call anyone and i cant see if anyone called me. yeah gay.

went to see amittyville horror or w.e... yeah waaaaaaaay scary!!!! that was a good ass movie.... almost didnt make it in... cuz im only 16 ya know... but i was sneaky... i saw like 10 of my friends from Lansing there too.... they sat in front of us.. i love them!! and i really do miss hangin out with em'... i should be gettin my license here in no time so when i do i def. will be hangin out with them more.

went shoppin today with my step mom, ooo and we went to Olive garden!! mmmm it was sooo yummy...... yeah i got my prom dress... its very pretty, its a halter and its short and black... only $60 at younkers... yeah i got cute shoes too and a new strapless bra from victorias secret... i just need some long black gloves and i will be set!! i cant wait!!

we went to fantastic finds first, and the dress i originally wanted was about 250... yeah mom said i could get it... but i just assume get an expensive one next year, i meen its only my junior prom.

well im outta here.


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[13 Apr 2005|09:56pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

 last few days have been fun. monday i hung out with T and zack we went and got ice cream and walked around down town foorrever. and tuesday was jasmines b-day and me and cee chilled with her at her house and we rode her quad around and got all muddy and stuff, it was way fun.         today i just went over to stacis and we chilled, had alotta fun.
  going to the baseball game tomarrow with her too, i cant wait!! hopefully Greg will go!! and i can see all my friends from EV!! ooo im excited!!
 i dont know about this weekend, i guess i might go to the talent show thing friday. who knows though.
 i hate how the weather has been cold! UGH i wanna wear all my cute summer clothes... im glad its supposed to be like 70's this weekend though!!

 well im outta here.


i wanted to do it too.... k??Collapse )

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[09 Apr 2005|10:10pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

wow.... im home..
 okay so im never going on a roadtrip with my mother ever again....she was so bitchy i swear, but she did spoil me ALOT.

 soo.....spring break... there is alot to say i guess.....

sierras grandmas house is nice, ocala was really nice... im pretty sure i wanna go back there with her sometime.  took forever to get down there, im flying next year wherever i go.

 we went to daytona beach for a day, there was so many people down there and it was waaay pretty~! like just walkin down the street guys would holler at us!! yeah and i think more guys wanted my mom than us! there was alot of nice cars too, every car that went by had rims, and half of them were spinners, took pictures of some they were waaay nice.
   lots of stores too... surf shops mostly, and of course i bought stuff, got a new swim suit and new clothes and flips flops... other stuff too.

 hmmm... we went to tampa and visted my great grandparents and grandparents and my great aunties and uncles... yeah cute huh? like all my family goes down there for winter time. it was nice seein all of them.

went to a couple beaches while we were there... got tan, well tanner i hope it doesnt look like i did to me but who knows.

 okay so... we met alot of guys down there, and every single one we met, we met them at stake n' shakes... yeah we went there alot lol only cuz its open 24 hours. but yeah met some guys from brazil and england. the england boys were waay hard to understand but their accents were hott.
 then we met these boys from miami and went to their house and partied it up lol... mmmmmmmmm.... yeah hopefullly have a prom date who knows ... he says hes comin...we'll see.

 used up about 4 disposable cameras... we took sooo many pictures i will post a couple.i still have to get 3 cameras developed.

 so overall i had TONS of fun.... i love those girls!! i think we became alot closer. im gonna miss not hangin out with them every day!! good times.

 well uh i think i covered just about everything.. if not im sure u will hear about it later.




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WOO! [30 Mar 2005|09:03am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Uggh i loooove a good day of shopping. me and mom went yesterday and i got so much stuff... like 6 outfits i looooove it. and some new kicks.

we leave today for florida, im going to miss everyone so much!! i think we are leavin at like 5-5:30 i dont know.... but im taking ALOT of pictures so be ready to see them when we get back. im so anxious to get down there, i hope i sleep like the whole way. i wanna stop at a gas station in every state and get a key chain or something. and when we get back me and sierra are makin a spring break scrap book. 9 days in florida... i cant wait.

i got pictures back from when me and staci went up north... oh my goodness we were laughin so hard. yeah i will probly post those to somtime.
well uuhh, i hope everyone has a fantastic spring break, i know i will. c- ya laatteerr.


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